Malaga City Guide

Why visit Malaga?

There are so many reasons to visit Malaga that it will be hard for us to narrow them down to the top ten- but we will try... Read more

What to See

Magnificent. Monumental. Magical. As you experience this fascinating coastal city, you'll quickly see that these are words that only begin to describe Malaga. Read more

What to Do

Whether you're up for a picnic in the park, a world-class dining experience or a nightlife that will keep you going until the sun comes up, Malaga is the place to be. Read more

Learn here about Malaga intricate yet compelling history.

Culture & the Arts

From fiery flamenco to top-notch architecture, lively music and the unforgettable artwork of Pablo Picasso, Malaga's dynamic cultural scene is full of surprises. Read more

Trips from Malaga

Due to its great location and unbeatable travel and transportation options, Malaga serves as a great starting point for a diverse and endless array of enticing day-trips. Read more

How to Use this Guide

We have organized this guide in a logical structure, to offer you all the essential information for a trip to Malaga, from before you leave home -Planning Your Trip- to the best things to do once you're here -Out & About-.

We've also included some complementary facts like a History section and a Culture section, which will allow you to discover the essence of the city.