Music from Malaga, Spain

FlamencoMusic is in the Malagueño’s blood. His heart beats with its rhythm and his soul throbs with its fiery cadence and its expressive melody. Very much a part of Malaga's heart and soul, music always permeates the air and sets the mood in which the city thrives.

Malaga is sometimes also called “Cantaora” which means “singing” Malaga – which just goes to show the region’s passion for music in all forms – dance, song and prayer. In moments of celebration or contemplation, joy or religious fervor, or in everyday life, you will be sure that music is an integral part of the Malagueno’s life.

VerdialIn Andalusia, there are generally two types of song-forms – folklore and flamenco. Folk songs stem from Malaga’s culture and lifestyle and thus does not require special training or skills. Flamenco, on the other hand, is not for the beginner, but for someone who has a degree of training and skill. Here are some types of Flamenco in Malaga:

  • Verdial: Encompasses lively Andalusian song, music and dance. The music is played with violins, tambourines, castanets, lutes and guitars. As a dance the verdial is predominantly for couples and requires agility and energy.. There are three types of verdiales to be witnessed in Malaga: Almogia, Montes and Comares.
  • Malagueña: Stems from the Fandango and originated in Malaga, hence the name.

There is also the abandolao, the rondenas, the Cantes de los Marengos and the music of famed Malagueño singer Juan Breva.

FlamencoThere are many festivals that feature the rich and diverse music of Malaga, chief of which is the Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales, which is celebrated on December 28. There is also the Flamenco Biennial, which is held every November.

Malaga also throbs with the beat of modern music. One of the biggest jazz music festivals is held in Malaga and is visited by the foremost jazz artists in the world. There is also the Contemporary Music Festival held every January. Plus, take the opportunity to drop by Malaga’s many bars, discos and clubs and you'll quickly see that modern music is very much alive in Malaga. Rock n’ roll, reggae, jazz, grunge, pop, hip hop... you name it, and you'll see malagueños grooving to the beats!

Here is Malaga’s schedule for music and music-related festivals:

-Contemporary Music Festival
March / April
-Semana Santa (Holy Week)
April - May
-Ciudad del Paraiso Classic Music Festival
-Malaga Antique Music Festival
-Terral Festival
-Malaga Flamenco Biennial
-Malaga International Jazz Festival
-Christmas Concerts