White Villages

Pueblo Blancos, a quaint village that is nicknamed the white villages and its for a very good reason. All of the homes located here are whitewashed (there must have been a sale on) and this has worked well as it contrasts magnificently with the vast infusion of wild flowers. It was originally found in the 8th century and was under moorish ruling, The peak of the village is home to a castle left in ruins which is enclosed by the homes creating a fortress.

Things to do
As soon as you arrive to Pueblo Blanco you will be on auto pilot starting your tour of the white village, its definitely a place you don't mind getting lost. If you've managed to keep the energy levels up at the end of the exploration then you can put your hand to the extreme sports available. You can check out Pot holing, cycling, horseback riding and hiking. Then you have a range of restaurants that you can check out but don't expect a lightning fast service as things are very relaxed but it will be guarenteed to be a pleasant atmosphere.

The tourism in the white villages has become a recent popularity in the last few years and it has given a breath of fresh air which has introduced a few more restaurants and bars. Though you will soon find out that there is a reliance on the few shops that seem to stock everything, it retains a real sense of community.