Malaga Safety, Emergencies & Phone Directory

First off, Malaga is safe and secure. Violent crimes rarely, if ever, happen here. However, since this is a city awash with tourists, there are always petty criminals who are out for a fast buck at the expense of Malaga’s visitors. There are a lot of crowded places where it is easy for someone to pick a pocket or grab a bag.

What is important is to be always aware and alert to what is happening around you. During sightseeing trips, do not carry your bags in a casual manner; instead, keep your bags securely strapped across your bodies. Keep your wallet in your bag and not in your back pocket; if you're not a purse-carrier, keep your important documents and wallet in your front pocket instead of the back one. Also keep in mind that there are some con operations where someone provides a distraction while the rest of the gang cleans out your bags and pockets. When renting a car, remove or hide signs or stickers that indicate that a tourist is driving it. Also, keep valuable items out of sight, and never leave the car unattended for an extended period of time.

If you are a victim of a crime, be sure to report the crime to the national police for assistance.

There are also some health issues that may adversely affect your trip to Malaga. It is always wise to take precautions to avoid them. The tourists’ usual maladies in Malaga are dehydration and heatstroke – usually because of the sizzling Mediterranean sun. Always drink plenty of water during the day. It is also good to drink some isotonic beverages to help the body restock on its store of salts.

Malaga’s tap water is potable but, as visitors, it is recommended to stick to bottled water. The expense is well worth it, as you don't want to be battling an upset stomach during your trip.

Here are some useful and important numbers that will help make your stay in Malaga a thoroughly enjoyable one:

Security Forces
National Police (Emergencies): (tel) 091
Local Police (Emergencies): (tel) 092
Civil Guard: (tel) 062
Local Police (Switchboard): (tel) 952126500
Local Police (Noise and Disturbances): (tel) 952276252
Malaga Fire Brigade: (tel) 080

Emergency Healthcare: (tel) 061
All Emergencies: (tel) 112
S.S. Emergencies: (tel) 902505061
Red Cross Emergency Service: (tel) 952222222

Here are some hospitals – both in Malaga City and the Region:

Hospital Carlos Haya: (tel) 951030100
Hospital Civil: (tel) 951030300
Hospital Clínico Universitario: (tel) 952649400
Materno Infantil (Maternity:) (tel) 951030200
Hospital C. Costa del Sol: (tel) 952826596
Hospital C. Antequera: (tel) 951061150
Hospital C. Axarquía: (tel) 951067000
Hospital C. Ronda: (tel) 951065000

Highway Services
Road conditions: (tel) 900123505
ADA (Highway Assistance): (tel) 952308100
Traffic Control Centre: (tel) 950041450
RACE (Spanish RAC): (tel) 952228828
Civil Guard: (tel) 062
Weather Forecast: (tel) 906325555

Credit/Debit Card Cancellation
If you have any problems on your credit card and need to report its loss or cancel it:

Tel: 913626200
Savings Bank
Tel: 915965335
Tel: 915192100
Tel: 917260000
American Express
Tel: 915720303


Information: (tel) 952048804 / 952048844 / 952048771
Information on Departures: (tel) 952048804
Information on Arrivals, Terminal 2: (tel) 952048844
Information on Arrivals, Terminal 1: (tel) 952048845

RENFE - Information and Tickets: (tel) 902240202

Malaga Harbour
Telephone: (tel) 952125012

Urban Buses
EMT (Malaga Transport Company)
Customer support: (tel) 902527200

Interurban Buses
Malaga Bus Station: (tel) 952350061

Interurban bus companies:
PORTILLO:(tel) 902143144
ALSINA GRAELLS: (tel) 952318295
AMARILLOS: (tel) 952315978
BACOMA: (tel) 902422242
CASADO: (tel) 952315908
ALSA ENATCAR: (tel) 902422242
FERRÓN COÍN: (tel) 952355490
JULIÁ: (tel) 952232300
LOHI: (tel) 952350061
NATALIA PALA: (tel) 952517003
OLMEDO: (tel) 952433043
RANEA Y RUIZ ÁVILA: (tel) 952350061

Association: (tel) 952345693
Unitaxi: (tel) 952333333
Andalusian Cooperative Society Taxi Union: (tel) 952345948
Information, Municipal Taxi Institute: (tel) 952122040