Concerts in Malaga

When in comes to concerts, exhibitions and performances, there is plenty to see in Malaga. In fact, almost every month, Malaga celebrates its love for music by hosting music festivals and exhibitions. Go to Malaga anytime of the year and you are assured of a musical treat awaiting you.

In January, Malaga celebrates the Contemporary Music Festival, when the streets fill with the sounds and beats of the contemporary music of Malaga, Spain and beyond! February is for the Malaga Film Festival. In March and April, the streets will ring with the meditative and prayerful sounds of the saeta coming from the Semana Santa (Holy week) parade. May features the Ciudad del Paraiso Classic Music Festival as well as the Malaga Cathedral Organ Music Program.

Come June, there is the Malaga Antique Music Festival, while in July the Terral Music Festival and the Etnimalaga (music festival) are celebrated.

September is rich with music and theatrical presentations as this time the Theatre, Music and Dance Seasons of the Cervantes Theater, Canovas Theater and Alameda Theater are on. This time is also the season for the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra. In October and November, Malaga holds the Flamenco Biennial (celebrated once every two years). The prestigious Malaga International Jazz Festival is also help in November. Meanwhile, classic Christmas concerts are held during December.

In addition to these festivals are regular shows and concerts hosted by various organizations. There are monthly concerts of the Malaga Provincial Symphony Orchestra. Tuesday nights are also filled with musical presentations by visiting artists. These concerts are held at the Centro Cultural Provincial in Calle Ollerias. Live jazz shows are featured every last Tuesday of each month. Meanwhile, you may also go to the Eduardo Ocon Bandstand in Malaga Park every Sunday. At 12 noon, the Malaga Municipal Band regales the audience (both locals and tourists) with classic and well known tunes. The Malaga Municipal Band has over 140 years of musical legacy and it is one of the oldest bands in Spain today.