Apartment Rental in Malaga, Spain

If you are planning on an extended stay in Malaga, you might want to consider staying in a Malaga apartment. Apartment rentals in Malaga have been on the rise because of the ever-increasing influx of tourism. It is not all that hard to find an apartment that will suit you, your tastes, and your budget. For further savings, you can share the apartment with other international students and long-term tourists. This is an opportunity to make new friends who come from different parts of the world.Apartamentos

You can try looking for an apartment through the web, by way of sites like www.loquo.com. This website is an online community site where you can find all the available apartments for long-term rent, short-term rent, in a shared flat and so on. You can also choose the type of apartment you prefer. Additionally, www.loquo.com will keep you updated on the latest events, activities and job openings. Another website, which you can also find in printed form, is www.segundamano.com.

Things to consider when considering an apartment rental:
1. Total cost of renting. Unless the ad says “gastos incluidos”, which means that all other expenses related to the apartment are included, add the cost of electricity, gas, etc. to your total cost of renting the apartment.
2. When looking for an apartment, it is best to shop around.
3. Do not commit to anything right at the onset. Check if the location is truly suitable for your needs and whether added fees will be charged.
4. Make sure that you see the apartment before committing to anything.
5. Most Malaga apartments will also ask for a rental deposit.

Some apartments in Malaga:
La Casa de las Flores
Telephone: 952210499

La Maestranza
Telephone: 952213610 /952213618

Telephone: 952264062