Spanish Courses in Malaga

When you decide to study at Enforex's partner school in Málaga, you can choose from a variety of courses. Get an idea of our program offerings and characteristics.

General Spanish Courses

CoursesThe General Intensive Spanish Course is our signature Spanish language program. No matter what duration (from 1 week to 1 year) or intensity (10, 20+5 or 25+5 lessons per week) you choose, we guarantee you the same proven teaching methodology and academic materials.

  • Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga
    (1+ weeks)
  • Long Duration Spanish Courses in Malaga
    (10+ weeks)
  • Study Abroad in Malaga (Semester or Year)
    (24+ weeks)

Special Spanish Courses

Many of our students want to incorporate a special interest or goal into their Spanish language studies. With this in mind, Enforex Malaga provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of personalized studies, exam preparation and courses for specific age groups.

  • Private Spanish Classes in Malaga
    (1, 5, 10, 20, 30+ lessons/week; min. 1 week)
  • Student Group Travel
    (personalized program)

Professional Spanish

Courses business

In today's working world, the demand for Spanish-speaking professionals is rapidly rising across a variety of fields. That's why at our partner school in Málaga you can focus a personalized course of study on topic-specific vocabulary and cultural knowledge to apply to your profession- be it medicine, business, etc.

  • Executive One on One Course
    (program intensity, duration & content up to you!)