Handicrafts & Products in Malaga, Spain

In Malaga, modern technology is combined with local craftsmanship to produce an impressive variety of high-qulaity handicrafts. Hand-made products continue to compose one of the driving forces behind the traditional sector of Malaga’s economy.

Wood products:
Malaga has an illustrious history of master cabinet and furniture makers. The artistry and craftsmanship that have made Malaga a highly-respected contender in the beginning of the century is very much alive. Today, the woodcraft sector includes the manufacture of high quality cabinets, wood furniture and various wood products, as well as the restoration of valuable antique furniture and musical instruments. Included in this sector is the art of upholstery, which some handicraft workshops have decided to specialize in through the creation of sofas, chairs, armchairs- all works of art in themselves.

The metallurgic industry in Malaga, Spain was first forged and pioneered by one of the two most prominent families in Malaga: the Heredia family. Mainly focused on wrought iron work, the creation of elaborate and grand gates, railings, grills and doorknockers, the expert work can be found throughout the churches, grand palaces and mansions in Malaga. Such is the Malagueño craftsmanship that Arab sheiks are known to order and install these products in their mansions and palaces.

This tradition harks back to Malaga’s early history, when the city's excellent gilded ceramics helped propel the city into a rich and flourishing economic haven back during the Muslim period. Since day one, the expert artisanship behind the molding and painting of the clay has been used by skilled craftsmen to create ceramic vases, jugs, plates, etc. that are unique and highly artistic.

This comes into full bloom during Semana Santa (Holy Week) when tunics, smocks and mantles are used during the elaborate processions. These textiles are also to be found in the adornments used for the tronos or the procession floats.

Again, this tradition harks back to the Muslim period. Today, Malagueño workmen are renowned for their ability to engrave and sculpt glass as well as create stunning displays of stained glass.

Other Crafts:
Shopping around Malaga will also make you appreciate the other handicraft sectors it has – jewelry, wax, home décor, bookbinding and exquisite porcelain dolls. These handicrafts form a multi-faceted collection that just goes to show the depth of the Malagueño’s creative and artistic spirit. In addition to these handicrafts, there are also stores that sell exceptionally designed flamenco apparel.

Handicraft Stores:
Alfajar Alcalde
Gomez Gomez, 54
Prim, 3
Handycraft C.C
Larios y Avda. Europa, 11
Mainake Artesania del Mundo
Santa Maria, 16
Ruiz de Luna
Bodegueros, 52
Templo de los Tesoros
Armengual de la Mota, 12

Flamenco Apparel Stores:
Artesanía Ríos Quintana
Cisneros, 12
D’ Rojos
Marques de Ovieco, 1
La Romería
Carreteria, 14
La Castañuela
Cisneros, 8