Gay Malaga

MalagaMalaga is a thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan city. This is being demonstrated by Malaga’s growing gay scene. There is an increasing number of gay friendly accommodations, bars and night clubs. Again, Malaga’s enviable position as the Costa del Sol’s gateway have made it an ideal congregational point national and international gay and lesbian crowds.
Malaga has many bars and night clubs, some exclusively for the gay population and others catering to a mixed crowd. With many places to choose from and a lot of events featured, one can say, “Oh, to be happy and gay in Malaga!”
Plaza de la Merced, 290
Calle de Bruselas
Plaza de la Merced, 14
Como Quieras
San Juan de Letrán, 9
Del Armario Bar
Carreteria, 66
El Cafe D'Enfrente
San Agostin, 21
El Telón
Placa de la Merced, 8
Flor de Lys
Placa de la Merced, 18
La Latino
Placa de la Merced
Maika's Bar
San Juan de Letrán, 8
Placa de la Merced, 290
Placa de la Merced, 1