Mountain Climbing around Malaga, Spain

ClimbingThe Malaga Mountains offer a wide range of mountain climbing options for the daring and adventurous. The difficulty ranges from intermediate or medium to downright difficult. Definitely not recommended for the faint-hearted or vertigo sufferers. You may choose to climb the Navalchica in Nerja or the La Maroma in the Axarquia range. Walk the narrow pathway known as the King’s Path while traversing the length of the El Chorro reservoir up to its counterpart in Guadalhorce. Numerous waterfalls dot the route along the Chillar River in Nerja, resulting in a relaxing and refreshing climb. The rock faces of the La Arana beach dares the climber to pit his skills against the nooks and crags. Whatever it is you prefer, you will surely be in for one great mountain climbing experience.

Here are some mountain climbing options:
1. El Torcal Alto – Has the highest zone, where you can find the rocky peaks of Las Vilaneras.
2. El Torcal Bajo – Very similar to El Torcal Alto.
3. Sierra Pelada – At 1,198 meters high, it has the highest peak.
4. El Chorro Canyon– Great for beginners.
5. La Sima del Diablo (The Devil’s Pothole) – More challenging and dangerous, this trail is lined with pools and waterfalls.
6. Las Buitreras Canyon – Only for experienced and expert climbers.